How to

Removing your fridge on 1200 & 1500mm MOS (not ms)


Open the fridge door and look up towards the worktop, you will see 1 screw going into the worktop, remove this screw.


Remove the large pan drawer from the bottom of the unit.


Crouch down to the drawer space and look up level with where the drawer front was, you will find 2 screws going into the frame, remove them both and the frame around the microwave front will drop down.


Stay down at the drawer space and look inside to the bottom of the microwave where you find 2 more screws going into the underside of the microwave, again remove both of these screws and the oven will slot out the front of the kitchen unit.


Put your head into the oven housing and look up, you will find 2 screws at the top going into the side of the fridge remove them both.


Look into the drawer housing and along the bottom of the unit you will find 2-4 screws again going into the side of the fridge remove them all.


Your fridge will now pull out from the front of the unit, if you just want to remove the fridge door then simply pull the fridge forward 40mm to expose the door pin, remove the pin and lift the door off. If replacing the whole fridge you may need to angle the fridge for the last 100mm as there is a hook that could catch on the front of the worktop.


Turn the fridge door upside down and you will find two screws that hold the door skin on, you need to remove these and the skin to get to the handle screws.


Reverse procedure to replace the door and fridge.