Elfin gives family their kitchen back

The installation of a compact Elfin Kitchen has given back a family of four their privacy and the capability to cook food within their home. After following their dream of running a pub, the Else family found themselves only able to use the pub’s large commercial kitchen for cooking, before they turned to Elfin Kitchens for an affordable, effective solution.
Running the village pub of D’Arcy, The Queens Head, was a dream come true for Else family, however they quickly realised that the traditional design of the apartment above the public house was not ideal for family living. As a historic pub, the building was made with the idea that the owners would use the pub’s commercial kitchen and therefore, the owner’s living area did not have a kitchen or any utility space.

Although suitable for cooking, the large commercial kitchen was always busy, making preparing a quick breakfast or lunch difficult, as well as being an unsafe environment for the younger members of the Else family.

“The apartment we were living in was a large three bedroom flat, however the lack of kitchen was extremely stressful, we had to arrange our meal times around the customers or sit in the restaurant and dine from the pub menu.” Explains Simon Else.

“What we needed was a small kitchen which we could fit in the corner of the apartment suitable for the children to, for example, warm up soup and which would enable us as family to have breakfast together in our own home.”

This is when Simon found Elfin Kitchens, which provides a range of pre-built mini kitchens, starting from just 900mm wide.

“The design of the apartment meant that an Elfin Kitchen was ideal, it just simply fitted into the corner of one of the guest bedrooms and quite literally changed our way of life.” Explains Simon.

“The installation of the Elfin Kitchen meant that, as a family, we had a safer, enjoyable kitchen space.”

Built entirely of white, powder coated steel, Elfin mini kitchens are sure to withstand the frequent use of a family, whilst taking up significantly less space than a standard fitted kitchen. Incorporating a combi microwave oven, sink and monobloc tap, hotplates and dry storage, Elfin Kitchens are perfect for those who have little space and a tight budget.

Bob Andrew, Managing Director of Elfin Kitchens said, “Our pre-built kitchens are the ideal solution for issues such as this, as fitting a standard size kitchen into the living area above the Queens Head pub would have resulted in the loss of a bedroom. By using one of our mini kitchens, not only do the Else family now have a fully functioning kitchen, they also get to enjoy the escape their home provides from the busy pub downstairs!”