Elfin solves kitchen conundrum!

As part of the diverse and varied needs of Elliott’s customers, bespoke kitchens were often built into the Elliott cabins prior to delivery. This labour intensive process typically involved installing worktops and sinks, a separate water heater, with fridge and microwave, all of which are time consuming to install and remove once the hire period expires.
This extended process caused Elliott to go in search of a more flexible solution that would help improve their service, and eventually discovering Elfin Kitchens. Elfin’s personal approach and ability to create an exclusive, bespoke, stand-alone kitchen for Elliott led to the development of the Mobile Kitchen Pod.

Based on Elfin’s existing basic tea station kitchen, Elliott’s pod was improved to include a 15 litre water heater with added safety features, drop down wheels for easy movement and grab handles. In addition, the decision was taken to use thicker 1.2mm steel in order to strengthen the shell because of the stresses the kitchen would be placed under. As well as all of the new components, each kitchen still includes a fridge, microwave and a consumer unit with RCD protection for added safety. Each kitchen is then tested and certified, and given its own unique barcode.

Once in situ within the cabin, the wheels can be locked away to ensure the kitchen remains stable whilst in use. An Elliott spokesperson said: “We went with Elfin because of what they could do for Elliott to make the kitchens much more personalised, there was good co-operation between the two companies and we have just taken delivery of a further 100 units which are going out to sites across the UK.”

Bob Andrew, Managing Director of Elfin Kitchens added: “When Elliott came to us looking for a solution for their portable accommodation units, we were able to work closely with them to understand their requirements and those of their customers. Providing the water heater was a completely new thing for us and we were able to fit it within an existing space in the kitchen which meant we didn’t need to look at increasing the size of the unit. Now, Elliott can save considerable time both on delivery and turnaround thanks to their mobile kitchen pod”.