How to

Dismantling and reassembling your kitchen


Remove the screws from the white cabinets, 2 screws on the 1000 and 1200 kitchens and 4 on the 1500’s.


Stand to the side of the fridge and release the rear fixing by pushing the top back approximately 20mm and lifting.


Stand at the sink side and push the top forward approximately 20mm and lift the top off 2 screws located on keyholes on the underside of the sink-top (this may require a little jiggling to release them).


Remove the top and cable if hotplates fitted. The underside of the top has very sharp edges so gloves should be worn.


Remove the 2 screws found at the top of the cupboard fixing it to the fridge, these are positioned at the front and rear.


Remove the drawer if fitted and remove the screw found at the bottom front inside the cross member.


From the rear, remove the remaining 3 screws and the fridge will separate from the housing/cupboard.