How to

Fitting your 20 litre solo micro-wave and 20 litre combination microwave oven


Remove the two drawers from the front of your kitchen.


Fix the upper filler plate as shown using the two self drilling screws supplied


Fix the locking plate to the rear of the combi using the microwave screws as shown. Screw the two 10mm screws into plate leaving 5mm of thread showing. Slot the combi into place and the heads will drop through the keyholes on the kitchen shelf.

Pull the combi into its final position and tighten the screws form the underside to secure the combi in place.


Replace the two drawers, if the drawers foul the lower section of the combi you may have to adjust the drawer fronts.

There are 5 screws on the inside of each drawer front that re- quire loosening to adjust the drawer front, when correct posi- tion is found tighten the screws and fit the two drawers.