How to

Fitting your 30 litre combination Russell Hobbs microwave oven


On the underside of the frame remove the 2 screws holding the frame in position and the frame will drop down.


Remove oven fixing plate from the shelf.


Loosen the 2 screws at the bottom of the grey housing, slide the fixing plate into position and tighten the screws.


Insert the 2 screws supplied in the second hole nearest the oven from the underside of the plate.  Tighten leaving 5mm of the thread showing.


Slide the oven into place.  The 2 screw heads will drop into the keyhole slots on the shelf.  Pull the oven towards you for its final position.


Tighten the 2 screws from the underside of the shelf to lock the oven in position.

Replace frame as per instruction 2 and place draw back into position.