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The Premium range has the extra benefits of a safety cut-out timer on the hotplates, soft close drawers, stainless steel door and drawer handles, plus a choice of colours. Call 01206 545700 to discuss your needs.


It cooks, cleans, stores and keeps tenants happy and the perfect studio partner.


It cooks, cleans, stores and keeps the guests happy and the perfect holiday home kitchen.


Another favourite in the office or work environment, with so much food preperation space and helps clean up after a busy day


A compact kitchen you can roast, grill and cook all of your home comforts with the full oven and an added handy cutlery drawer


The most popular 1700 kitchen with all the functions, large worktop and even a cutlery drawer


Super practical with plenty of work surface and at home in a busy office


So much storage space available, for all your daily refreshments and food preperation





Uncomplicated kitchen, with safety and practicality, a great solution



Small in size, big in practicality



Cook, clean, store, chill and freeze all in just 1000mm of kitchen





Large cupboard and clever central rack gives opitmal storage



Clever storage options, the perfect break time buddy



Clever central storage, as well as two drawers, making use of all the space avalibable



Very popular with landlords and leisure accommodation, complete with an excelent 30ltr 3-in-1 oven



With dishwasher, it’s the perfect office partner, keeping the cups and mugs clean all day