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Outdoor Kitchens

Over recent years there has been an increase in people wanting to make the most of their outside space which has seen a lot of homeowners adding in some form of kitchen, bar or cooking area to their gardens.

These are a great way of turning underutilised outdoor areas into a functional and social space where people can get together to enjoy good food, great company and hopefully some nice weather!

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However, often requiring high quality, weather resistant materials and fancy outdoor appliances, outdoor kitchens usually come with a very big price tag. Here we take a look at some of the many ways that you can create a fun, practical and stylish outdoor kitchen to enjoy and entertain with for years to come.

Planning, Prep and Budget

Outdoor kitchen can take many forms, from permanent brick, wood or concrete structures to portable units. They can also consist of various configurations and designs including things like fireplaces, grill stations, hobs, fridges, sinks and BBQ’s.

The starting point is to take a look at the space available and the budget you have to work with to decide what you want from your outdoor kitchen. Are you planning on using it more for an outdoor eating area that would require a pizza oven or BBQ that you can base the kitchen around, or would you prefer a more modern hob to cook on?

Knowing what you want will help you to plan and budget your kitchen so that you can prioritise what is important and save money where possible.

Work with what’s there

If you have a particular area, wall or corner that can be added to or enhanced then this can be a great starting point and help to cut costs. There might be an outdoor chimney, BBQ, seating area or pizza oven already in place that you can work around and add to in order to create a proper kitchen area that works for you.

Be Clever with Your Materials

Some materials will cost less than others so look at things like ordinary bricks and wood pallets which can be used to build something amazing when done correctly.

  • Pallets for example can be found very cheap or even listed on some places for free and with a few screws and a lick of paint can be used to make outdoor kitchen units, or even a cool outdoor seating area.
  • A brick kitchen might not sound aesthetically appealing, but they can always be painted, limewashed or have tiles added to which will create a cool and unique finish.

Outdoor Mini Kitchens

Mini kitchens are pre-built, high quality kitchen units that are used for a number of applications from hotels, student accommodation, glamping sites and offices to residential properties and of course gardens.

The compact and portable outdoor mini kitchens are constructed from powder coated and stainless steel, making them a hardwearing and highly durable option for garden kitchens. This is an ideal solution for those looking to cut costs as they come already assembled and simply require connecting to the plumbing and electrics, which means no expensive labour charges.

These outdoor kitchens come in a variety of colours and configurations with a hob, fridge and sink, perfect for food preparation, cooking and alfresco dining.


Doing it yourself where possible is going to help keep costs low and allow you to save the money for where it is needed, such as on materials and appliances. If you have any friends or family that are particularly handy then get them on board and see what you can achieve by yourself rather than paying for someone to do it for you. You might be surprised at what you are capable of!

Make it your own

The most important thing about your outdoor kitchen is that you love it. The more you love it the more you will use and enjoy it which is why it’s so important to not just think about it as a basic kitchen but to put your own unique stamp on it.

  • Paint can be used on almost all surfaces to really make a statement
  • Colourful tiles can be added to create a cool backsplash
  • Textiles such as cushions, throws, rugs and blankets are great for seating areas
  • Add some extra plants and flowers, whether they are in the ground, in pots or hanging from the walls
  • Don’t forget lighting as this will create a great ambience on those late evenings outside

From hosting dinner for a group of friends to daytime parties and celebrations or simply enjoying dinner with the family, an outdoor kitchen can change the way you use your garden for the better.

Outdoor Kitchens

Mini Kitchen Outdoor 120


Durable, modern and practical. The outdoor partner that can be use everywhere and anywhere.

Outdoor Kitchens

Mini Kitchen Outdoor 150


With ample storage space and high quality optional appliances this kitchen sits at home next to your BBQ or poolside.


Everything you could want in 1570mm of space and more. The super stylish and practical outdoor kitchen just keeps on giving.


Accompanying the outdoor kitchens this handly little table can be used as a serving trolley or corner unit.