Modern & compact kitchens for rental properties

Equipping your rental property with high-quality kitchen facilities should be high on your agenda as a landlord. Tenants expect to be able to prepare and cook meals for themselves whilst living in your property, with a hob, refrigerator and sink amongst the most essential amenities for this task. At Elfin Kitchens, we supply a wide range of kitchens for landlords, catering to all needs and budgets.

Maximise the available space

Some landlords think that they don’t have the space for a kitchen in their rental properties. This results in them offering substandard facilities and tenants becoming dissatisfied. This can lead to a high tenant turnover and lost rental income. However, it’s rarely the case that there’s no room for kitchen appliances, particularly with so many small kitchens for landlords to choose from.

Finding the space to install a pre-built kitchen complete with hob, sink, refrigerator and cupboard space is easier than ever. At Elfin Kitchens, we can help you to maximise the space available to allow you to provide basic yet modern cooking facilities to your tenants. Installing a practical and aesthetically-pleasing kitchen can make your property so much more desirable to potential tenants, helping you to let it more quickly and even charge a higher rental fee.

A new kitchen from Elfin Kitchens could be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Supplying the best kitchens for landlords

Elfin Kitchens has become nationally renowned for supplying the best kitchens for landlords. So much in fact that nearly 70% of our customers are a landlord in one way or another. This gives us a huge amount of experience in this market. We know and understand the challenges faced by landlords when it comes to providing kitchen facilities, particularly in small properties.

This has allowed us to create a fantastic range of compact kitchens for landlords, designing and manufacturing them to the highest standards. Our kitchens come in seven different sizes and with various appliances to choose from. We’ve catered to all budgets too, with our kitchens available at a range of price points.


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