Nearly 70% of our customers are a landlord one way or another and therefore we have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge of this market. Over the years we have developed the range of kitchens to meet the needs of landlords and now offer pre-built kitchens in 7 different sizes with a large choice of appliances to meet everyone’s requirements.

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Elfin’s first large project was a new build back in 2008 where over 700 kitchens were delivered, this was our opportunity to introduce a true ‘pod’ kitchen where it was delivered completely pre-built with wall cupboards, appliances and fire suppression system installed allowing the installation of each kitchen in under 30 minutes.


With hotplates it’s a kitchen, without them it’s a tea station and suitable in the workplace. Our tea stations have become even more popular since lockdown as more are working from home and want an independent breakout area, we have also seen an increase in companies providing more welfare areas, being made of powder coated and stainless steel they are easy to clean, maintain and super robust.

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Including glamping, Air BnB and hotels

There has been enormous growth in the leisure sector. Hotels are offering greater independence for guests, installing compact kitchens in rooms, as are many B&B owners. Manufacturers, landowners and individuals alike are turning to Elfin for a quick and simple glamping solution to provide cooking facilities in a small space.

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Modular/offsite construction is rising and where speed and space saving solutions are required Elfin can help, we can deliver volumes on time, in quantity and with a quality build you can rely on. Being pre-built the kitchens are quick and easy to install reducing production time and allowing fast turnaround to the end user.

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New to the world of outdoor living Elfin is entering the market with a unique purpose built kitchen. The perfect partner for outdoor entertaining has many uses such as food preparation, bar area (including a fridge!), serving table and BBQ buddy. With simple connections and mounted on lockable wheels the go anywhere kitchen has arrived.

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