Elfin compact kitchens make their debut in New Zealand

“After originally fitting compact kitchens for the first time more than 10 years ago in Fiji, the quality and versatility of the product remained in our minds waiting for when the New Zealand market would be ready for them,” explains Mark Nicholson, from Elfin Kitchens New Zealand.
“Following the tragic earthquake in Christchurch, the subsequent rebuild and the growth of the housing market in Auckland, space in the New Zealand housing market is at a premium. With more people moving toward living in smaller properties such as town houses and studio apartments, we knew the time was right for Elfin Kitchens to make their mark in New Zealand.”

Elfin’s Standard compact kitchens are offered in four sizes 900, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm wide, and are built entirely of white powder coated steel, boasting slim stainless steel, foam filled doors and drawer furniture with self-closing drawer fronts. Thanks to available dry storage, an A+ rated fridge and a combined microwave oven, with optional hot plates, this space-saver offers the comprehensive functionality of a fitted kitchen at a smaller footprint.

The Economy range uses the same quality appliances, and while it also comes with a powder coated steel carcass, the door furniture is preformed. Mini kitchens from the Economy range are the ideal solution where space and budget are tight.

Perfect for small rental accommodation, student housing, offices and retailers’ staff rooms, both ranges are available with hotplates with the added option of upgrading to ceramic for full kitchen comfort or without hotplates as a tea point. For added safety, all kitchens with hotplates are fitted with a 30-minute cut-out timer.

To protect adjacent walls from stains and sploshes, splashguards and side cheeks are available from Elfin’s Additions range along with cupboard shelves, extractor fans and extended worktops.

“Although we have only been stocking kitchens for the past four months, we have already introduced Elfin Kitchens to Australia and are looking to supply to the wider Pacific Islands. With several contracts to supply large workers accommodation and student accommodation across New Zealand, we are confident we will be supplying the Australasian market for many years to come,” adds Mark.

Concluding, Bob Andrew, Managing Director of Elfin Kitchens UK said, “It’s great to see Elfin Kitchens making a space saving impact on the other side of the globe! Our kitchens truly are the perfect solution where space is tight and a fully functioning kitchen is required.

“We are looking forward to the growth of the unique and exciting relationship between our companies as the years go on, which will hopefully include a few trips out to sunnier climes to see the fantastic work of Elfin Kitchens New Zealand.”