How to choose the most appropriate kitchen for your rental property

Whether you’re looking to update the kitchen in your rental property or you’ve recently purchased a house or flat as an investment and need to fit one, it’s important to consider your options carefully before splashing your cash. The most important thing to remember is that for a rental property, you don’t need to go over the top on fixtures and fittings. Most tenants are simply looking for a kitchen that’s well-equipped, functional and easy to keep clean and tidy. Ideally, it should also be hardwearing and durable to ensure it lasts throughout successive tenancies. Read on to find out how to choose the right kitchen for your rental property.

Make sure it’s well-equipped

Whichever kitchen you choose for your rental property, it’s important that it’s well-equipped. At the very least, it should include an oven, hob, sink and fridge-freezer. A microwave is usually a good addition too. At Elfin Kitchens, we supply mini kitchens with a range of integrated appliances, with some even including a dishwasher.

Choose a space-saving kitchen

Since rental properties tend to be small in size, it makes sense to opt for a mini kitchen that allows you to maximise the available space. Mini kitchens are very compact and don’t take up much room yet they still include all the amenities your tenants could need. Some landlords think they don’t have the space for a kitchen in their rental properties, however, that’s rarely the case. If you’re looking for the best small kitchens for landlords, look no further than Elfin.

Make sure it’s durable and hardwearing

The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms within a home. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure the kitchen you choose is as durable as possible. This will ensure it stays looking its best for many years, ideally throughout multiple tenancies. Make sure it’s made to the highest standards from robust materials. Many landlords opt for stainless steel kitchens due to the hard-wearing nature of this metal alloy. Stainless steel resists impact and corrosion and withstands temperatures of up to 500°C, making it ideal for kitchens. An added bonus is that stainless steel is also very easy to clean, which means your tenants will have no excuse for not keeping it spic and span!

Know that style is important

Whilst function is arguably more important than fashion for a kitchen in a rental property, it’s still important that it looks good. Tenants are as discerning as anyone else when it comes to what the kitchen in their home looks like. With this in mind, you’re likely to attract more interest in your property if you choose a kitchen that’s stylish as well as practical. Elfin Kitchens are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with a contemporary edge that won’t fail to appeal to prospective tenants. For practical, stylish and affordable small kitchens for landlords, look no further than Elfin. Get in touch to discuss our range of mini kitchens today.