How to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

There are all sorts of reasons why you might decide that a small kitchen is the right solution for your environment – from a compact floor plan to an on-the-go feature for offices, glamping pods, and motorhomes.

But while small kitchens are uniquely designed to fit into compact spaces, optimising the amount of space available both in terms of footprint and height / the availability of wall space, it’s important to take steps to ensure your kitchen doesn’t feel too small or cluttered.

In this blog, we consider the benefits of our mini kitchens and what makes them great, alongside a handful of tips on how to make them feel and look bigger.

1. Minimise clutter on your worktops with integrated features

It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen is or how much worktop space you have available – clutter will always make your environment feel smaller and more compact. Those with very small kitchens have to worn even harder to minimise this, carefully selecting the appliances that they want to showcase on their surfaces and utilising the plethora of integrated cupboards and storage solutions to ensure that others are accessible but out of the way.

One of the best ways of doing this is to use wall mounted cabinets for storing and granting access to different appliances – for example microwaves and other items which you use on a daily basis.

2. Invest in an adjustable kitchen island

If you have a mini kitchen that you want to expand for certain occasions, be it a gathering or meal prep for a dinner party, then why not research the benefits of an adjustable and moveable kitchen island?

These items are designed to be wheeled into place and can instantly make a small kitchen feel a little larger and more open – not to mention can grant you access to a new area for storage and worktop prep. When not in use, this kitchen island can be stored against a wall or under a table – or you can install it as a permanent feature which doubles as a small dining space and additional kitchen surface.

3. Think about the environment and your use of colour

One of the easiest ways to make your small kitchen look bigger almost instantly is through the use of colour and environment, maximising the flow of natural light and installing light fittings which brighten and illuminate the space.

Colour, light, and surrounding furnishings all have a role to play in controlling the environment around your small kitchen, with our advice being to keep your colour palettes light and bright and take care not to block the flow of light into your kitchen area. Similarly, take care when placing furniture and where possible explore solutions with dual purposes, for example a kitchen island / dining table, and a statement chair which adds a pop of colour as well as somewhere to sit.

Small kitchens don’t have to mean cluttered spaces. Follow these tips to make the most of your mini kitchen.