Landlords should be forced to provide suitable facilities

As a leading supplier of compact kitchen solutions, Elfin Kitchens is encouraging the UK landlord community to install compact kitchens after an all-party group of MPs has written to government ministers urging that landlords who fail to provide basic cooking and kitchen facilities should have their licences revoked and be banned from letting property. The all-party parliamentary group on hunger made the recommendation to the Government as part of the six-month progress report of its ‘Feeding Britain’ campaign, which launched at the end of 2014. The report found that many tenants are turning to food banks, as they are unable to cook basic meals because the kitchens of the private rented homes contain only a microwave.

“It is hard to believe that in 2015, some tenants of private-rented homes in the UK cannot prepare basic, healthy meals for themselves and their families due to poorly equipped kitchens”, said Bob Andrew, MD of Elfin Kitchens

“But there is a simple and quick solution for the small number of UK landlords who need to provide better cooking facilities in their properties. Our compact kitchens are cost-effective, space saving and they work efficiently to satisfy tenants’ needs, ensuring they have all the necessary amenities to cook healthy, cheaper meals in their homes and hopefully help to reduce their dependence on food banks.”

Quick and easy to install, the range of compact kitchens from Elfin suits all budget and space requirements in any type of property and each unit is equipped with hotplates, an A+ rated fridge with freezer compartment and a sink with drainer and tap. Landlords can then choose between four sizes from 900 to 1500mm, three types of combination microwaves and conventional oven plus dry storage options.

Elfin Kitchens is also an NLA recognised supplier, giving landlords extra reassurance of the quality, value and reliability of the products.

Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association (NLA), said: “Not providing basic cooking and kitchen facilities for tenants is bordering on criminal and those who don’t or deliberately choose not to should be ashamed.

“While there’s no evidence to suggest this under-provision is widespread in private rented property, landlords must ensure that the service they provide at the very least meets minimum standards. We are happy to work with Elfin Kitchens as an NLA Recognised Supplier to help landlords install these essential facilities, whatever the property”.