Space-Saving Hacks For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens are now the reality for many people, with this room shrinking by a third since the 1960s. Whilst a small kitchen can be easier to clean and ensure less food waste, it can also mean more mess and clutter. Anyone with a compact kitchen needs to become good at space management. Fortunately, there are ways to create more storage in this important room of the home, from turning drawers into spice racks to building open shelving solutions.

Make the most of your drawers

Your kitchen drawers are versatile spaces, making them ideal for storing a wide range of items. Rather than reserving them solely for cutlery, you can find ways to make them work for you. One idea is to use a drawer for spice storage. Not only can this free up cabinet space, but it also allows you to keep your spice jars better organised and makes them easier to access whilst cooking. Drawers can be fantastic organisational tools.

Install open shelving

Open shelves are a fantastic idea for a small kitchen, particularly if there is not enough room for standard hanging cabinets. They make organisation easier since you won’t need to rummage around for what you need – plates, glasses, and mugs will be instantly accessible. You can even show off your stylish dishware to all your guests if you choose! Open shelving makes a space look brighter and more open too, allowing lots of natural light to circulate around the room.

Hang utensils on a pegboard wall

Pegboards are becoming increasingly popular in small kitchens. Ideal for organising all sorts of items, they’re particularly useful for hanging pots, pans, utensils, and even measuring cups. They can allow for easy access to your cookware, helping your kitchen to run more efficiently. Paint your pegboard to suit your kitchen’s existing décor, making sure it integrates into the room effortlessly. Whilst the humble pegboard was traditionally used for hanging tools in workshops, it was Julia Child who realised its potential as a system for kitchen organisation.

Hide mess with sliding doors

Mess can sometimes be inescapable in a small kitchen. However, you can successfully hide it by installing a sliding door in front of your open shelving system. You can easily conceal the clutter, helping to keep your kitchen looking neat and orderly. Another advantage of having sliding doors in your kitchen is that no space will be taken up by doors that swing outwards, making the room feel much larger and more open.

Invest in a mini kitchen

If you’re really serious about creating more space in your small kitchen, maybe a redesign is the answer. Many people opt for our ‘mini kitchens’ which offer compact solutions for rooms of all sizes. Our products are expertly designed to save and maximise space within a kitchen, combining cooking, washing, and storage facilities in a sleek and stylish manner.

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