Elfin Kitchens helps landlords refresh properties

With the growing demand for affordable properties continuing to rise, landlords must consider the most cost effective ways in which homes can be fitted out. Elfin Kitchens’ Economy Kitchen range is designed to meet such needs, providing an affordable, compact kitchen solution.

With the estimated level of households living in privately rented accommodation expected to rise by 2014 to around 17%, the level of demand from prospective tenants will continue to grow. As such, it is important that landlords act now to bring properties up to speed to meet the demand before it hits.

Available in sizes from just 900mm in length, Elfin’s Economy Kitchen is ideal for installation in properties where space is limited. Comprising an A rated fridge with freezer compartment, sink with Monobloc hot/cold tap, two hot plates and a microwave, the kitchen delivers everything needed by the tenant to prepare and cook food.

Manufactured from hardwearing white powder coated steel, the Economy Kitchen is tough enough to withstand knocks, scrapes and general misuse, something which can prove to be a problem in rented accommodation. Similarly, due to the non-absorbent nature of steel, spills can be easily wiped from the unit ensuring no marks are left on the surface.

Delivered to site as one complete unit, the kitchen is ready to be fitted and plumbed directly to the service pipes. Installation can take less than half an hour so labour costs are dramatically reduced as a result.

Bob Andrew, Director of Elfin Kitchens, said: “The Economy Kitchen model is ideal for landlords looking to install a low cost, yet durable kitchen solution. Owing to the way in which it is manufactured, the Economy Kitchen is resilient against the effects of general wear and tear ensuring the kitchen will look good for many years and will not need replacing or repairing soon after installation.”

He continued, “Whilst the kitchen itself may be coined as an ‘Economy’ model, the unit itself is anything but. Manufactured to an incredibly high standard, the kitchen is ideal for installation in rental properties where landlords are looking to bring a new lease of life to the kitchen without spending over the odds.”

Currently, the share of households renting in the private sector is at a higher level than at any point in the mid to late 1970’s. As such, landlords must bear in mind how low cost updates and modifications to properties can increase interest from prospective tenants going forward as the market continues to boom.