Space and style are the perfect partners

With city office space at a premium in both cost and square footage, office comforts needn’t be compromised. The key is a compact kitchen such as those from Elfin Kitchens. One such kitchen was installed in the new premises of Barroll Webber’s architectural practice to provide a private space separate from the basic communal area that serviced the other studios in the building.

Furnished with a stainless steel sink, A rated fridge and cupboard space, the one metre kitchen fits neatly into the layout of the room and provides the practice with access to their own refreshment facilities. Elizabeth Barroll explains why she specified the Elfin’s kitchen: “When we moved office there was a communal sink area, but we wanted something that was contained within our space and Elfin was chosen specifically for its compact and space saving nature.

“After an online search for mini-kitchens, we found that Elfin offered a far more contemporary design than its competitors. The mixer tap, for example was a particular feature that set it aside from competitor models. As an architectural practice, the aesthetic was as important as the practical aspect.”

Bob Andrew, Managing Director at Elfin Kitchens added: “This type of installation is the ideal example of where an Elfin Kitchen can work best. At only one metre wide the compact pod can house all the key elements of a refreshment station without encroaching on valuable space or impacting on the overall design of the office.