Our favourite office kitchenette inspiration

A kitchenette has become a staple feature of many offices in the UK, offering the ideal space for workers to prepare everything from hot drinks to lunches and snacks. A smaller version of a standard kitchen, a kitchenette usually includes essential appliances like a microwave, sink, hot plate, and a small fridge. They also tend to offer some storage, such as cabinets or shelves. If you’re looking to make the most of your office kitchenette, read on.

Pair white walls with clever lighting

Since office kitchenettes are often installed in rooms lacking natural light, it’s a good idea to make the space as bright and airy as possible. One way to do this is to combine crisp white walls with strategically-placed lighting. This will help to exude a daylight feel whilst also making the room feel much larger and more inviting. Your office kitchen doesn’t need to be all-white though – you can add splashes of colour using bring the space to life.

Focus on smart storage ideas

Due to space constraints, office kitchens need to be planned carefully in order to accommodate equipment, crockery and the food you want to store as well as maximise counter space for food preparation. This requires smart storage ideas such as using hooks or a pegboard for hanging items like pans and chopping boards. Since an office kitchenette can be so space limited, it makes sense to create more of it by using the walls to store items. You may also want to consider adding a kitchen island to generate more room for preparing meals.

Add a seating area

Adding a seating area nearby to your office kitchenette can make the space as accessible and relaxing as possible for your staff. Comfortable seats and great-looking tables can provide them with a breakout area in which to unwind away from their desks. This can help them to return after their breaks feeling more refreshed and energised. Going the extra mile by adding a seating area can improve staff morale and productivity.

Add fun touches

An office kitchenette can often lack creativity, built with function rather than style in mind. However, by adding fun touches you can bring the space to life, making it much more visually appealing. Add a checkerboard floor, funky artwork or fresh plants to inject colour and interest into the area. There’s no reason why an office kitchen has to be boring.

Office kitchenettes from Elfin

At Elfin, we specialise in office kitchenettes, supplying them to businesses throughout the UK. Our kitchenettes are functional and stylish, integrating brilliantly into workplaces of all types and sizes.

We offer various kitchenettes to meet your needs and budget, ranging from our Entry kitchen with hob, sink and fridge to our Premium kitchen which benefits from a microwave, dishwasher and plenty of worktop space. Our office kitchens are made to the highest standards from top quality materials, ensuring performance, style and longevity.

To find out more about our office kitchenettes, get in touch with our team today.