The best features of studioline kitchens

If you’re looking for a compact kitchen with stylish looks and is easy to install, look no further than a Studioline kitchen. These free-standing modular kitchens link wall cupboards, splashbacks and side panels to your chosen mini kitchen, creating a complete kitchen solution that meets all your needs. Read on to discover the best features of Studioline kitchens.

Compact and space saving

One of the best features of a Studioline kitchen is its size. Very compact but with room for various appliances, they’re ideal for rooms where space is limited. This makes them a good choice for small rental properties, student accommodation, offices, and leisure facilities such as B&Bs. A Studioline kitchen can open up a room, making it feel more spacious, whilst providing essential cooking facilities.

Various storage options

Studioline kitchens benefit from a wealth of storage options, providing you with the perfect combination of wall cupboards and drawers to suit your needs. This allows you to store all your cookware and cutlery neatly, preventing clutter from accumulating.

Stylish looks

Studioline kitchens are well-known for their modern and clean appearance. Very sleek and stylish, they can bring a contemporary edge to a room. With wall cupboards finished in attractive white powder-coated metal and upper and lower pelmets and a splashback made from brushed stainless steel, a Studioline kitchen is likely to appeal to a wide range of people. Neutral in its design, it can integrate effortlessly into rooms with various décor.

Easy to install

One of the best reasons to choose a Studioline kitchen is that it’s so easy to install. These wall cupboard and side systems simply wrap around the kitchen, ensuring that installation is quick and simple and can be carried out yourself without expert help. With no need for wall fixings or a supporting wall, the unit is freestanding and can be installed in spaces where other kitchens can’t. It can be disassembled easily too, allowing you to transfer it to a new property without too much hassle if required. If you struggle to assemble your Studioline kitchen, there’s always help at hand.

Where to get a Studioline kitchen

One of the leading suppliers of Studioline kitchens is Elfin.

At Elfin Kitchens, we offer a range of Studioline kitchens, with the Studioline 1200 and Studioline 1500 two of our most popular models. These kitchen systems wrap around the 1200mm and 1500mm Premium kitchens in our range, creating a full kitchen that’s not just compact and practical but highly stylish.

If you’re not sure which Studioline kitchen to choose, talk to one of our team. We have expert knowledge of Studioline Kitchens and can provide all the advice that you need. We can talk you through your options, helping you to select the right Studioline kitchen system for your property.

Contact Elfin today to find out more

A Studioline kitchen can offer the ideal kitchen solution for all sorts of properties. To find out more about the Studioline kitchens we offer, get in touch today. You can reach us by calling 01206 545700 or sending us a message via our website.