Small Kitchen Ideas to Add Some Flair to Your Space

Decorating a small room in your home can be difficult, but furnishing it can be even more challenging. Especially when considering a room with as many appliances, fittings, and uses as the kitchen.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips and tricks that we can share, helping you not only maximise the use of space throughout a small kitchen but also add some personality and flair to that space. Keep reading for some of our best small kitchen ideas

1. Opt for a professional compact kitchen with adjustable features

We wouldn’t be a compact kitchen supplier if we didn’t start with the benefits of a professionally designed, high-quality compact kitchen with multiple adjustable features and fittings.

When you opt for a compact kitchen, you ensure that your small kitchen space benefits from all the accessible appliances you need, built into a self-contained unit. From sinks to ovens, stove tops, splashbacks, and more, every element of a professional compact kitchen is integrated with an optimum user experience in mind.

That means that you can easily add your own flair to your small kitchen, by selecting and helping to decide on the best placement, colour, and detail for each fitting in your compact kitchen unit.

2. Use appliances as part of your décor

The diversity of fittings across the market now means that you no longer have to settle for bland white appliances and boring metallic kettles. Now, these appliances can be finished with your chosen colour palette or pattern in mind – whether you’re opting for a cottage kitchen vibe, a modern finish, or something in between.

Alternatively, you can add personality completely effortlessly through the use of accessories like fridge magnets and photos, to lift your appliances and make your small kitchen must-haves more exciting.

3. Add versatile extras to your kitchen space

If you’ve already got your compact kitchen unit in place and have some extra floor space to play with, then our advice is to opt for a standalone island which doubles as a bar, dining space, and storage unit.

Kitchen islands are so popular nowadays that countless retailers and designers are building portable islands which can be moved around your space and used in a variety of different ways. These include but are not limited to using the island for storage, adding stools so it can be used for dining, and using the surface as an extra prep area in your kitchen.

4. Be clever with colour

It can be tempting when decorating and looking to add flair, to use lots of colour. But consider this a sign from us to you to be clever with colour in a small kitchen.

Too many bright or contrasting colours can make a space feel smaller than it is. Conversely, keeping the space light, bright, and neutral can make it feel more open.

Instead of opting for coloured walls, look at other ways of injecting vibrance into your space – for example, with coloured accessories like tea towels.

We hope this helps! Small kitchens don’t have to be difficult to decorate – in fact, for many, they are an opportunity to strip away the things you don’t need and really focus your energy on the appliances and fittings that you do need. For more advice and to browse the compact kitchens available, head to our Elfin Kitchens product page.