What Kinds of Spaces Can Benefit from a Mini Kitchen?

A mini kitchen takes all the basic amenities required to create a functional kitchen and integrates them into a single unit – with various sizes available and a multitude of additional features able to be added according to the space and to buyer preference.

Typically built as a standalone worktop unit which boasts a sink and oven as part of the design, alongside a compact hob, worktop food preparation space, and storage, mini kitchens were made with convenience in mind.

But as more and more mini kitchens hit the market, and manufacturers explore different ways of personalising and optimising the use of space, the spaces that mini kitchens can be used in has also grown.

Here are some of the spaces that mini kitchens can be used in, and how we adapt our kitchen units to complement different settings.

1. Student accommodation

Student accommodation tends to be much lighter on space compared with standard rented accommodation, which is why our mini kitchens are particularly popular with those designing and bringing to life student housing.

Perfect for flats and studio apartments, mini kitchens come equipped with appliances and cupboards included, making it super easy for students to quickly access a microwave, working tap, or stovetop hob as needed. Being constructed entirely from stainless and powder coated steel means that all mini kitchens created by Elfin are non-combustible, while durable materials are specifically chosen to withstand the wear and tear of excessive use.

Additional extras that are highly recommended for student accommodation in particular include wall mounted units for extra storage, splashbacks to protect the walls, and microwave cupboards.

2. Outdoor space

Moving onto a domestic setting, amid the rise in outside spaces being brought to life for alfresco dining, food preparation, and entertaining. Mini kitchens are a fun way to make food prep more streamlined when planning a big family BBQ or when hosting friends and family, combining storage with a practical worktop, fridge space, and a compact hob to heat up your side dishes.

The benefit of investing in a mini kitchen for your outside space is that it alleviates the need to move food in and out of your home with service, while providing a convenient fridge for all your favourite beverages!

3. Offices and communal workspaces

From making your clients a cup of tea, to providing fridge space to employees who bring their own lunch to work, a mini kitchen delivers all the basic amenities required during the work day – while minimising the demand on space.

What’s more, mini kitchens can be personalised with branded colours and details, making it as much a part of your office décor as it is a functional facility for staff and guests to use.

If you’re interested in fitting a mini kitchen at home, in rented accommodation, or in your workplace, Elfin Kitchens provide a supportive service with access to some of the best and most versatile units. Get in touch for more information.