Why Mini Kitchens are the Perfect Option for Student Accommodation

Are you seeking the ideal kitchen for student accommodation? If so, consider a mini kitchen from Elfin Kitchens. Modern and compact, these pre-built kitchens come with a range of appliances to allow young people to prepare meals easily and safely. Our mini kitchens have been installed in student accommodation across the country.

Ideal for all types of student accommodation

Mini kitchens can be installed in all types of student accommodation, from university halls of residence to privately rented houses or flats. Due to their small build, they are ideal for rooms of all shapes and sizes, integrating into a variety of spaces brilliantly. A mini kitchen with undersink cupboard comes with hot plates and a microwave as well as plenty of storage for students to keep their cookware. This helps to prevent mess and clutter in student kitchens.

Meeting fire safety regulations

A mini kitchen from Elfin Kitchens is constructed with fire safety in mind. This is important since cooking facilities are often used excessively by students. Heavy use kitchens require fire suppression systems that detect and suppress fire at its source, stopping its spread. This helps to keep students safe and prevent damage to buildings. Elfin Kitchens not only come with these systems installed but because they are built entirely from stainless and powder-coated steel, they’re also non-combustible.

Easy to clean

Kitchens in student accommodation are used heavily, often by several people multiple times per day. This means they can become very messy quickly and require regular cleaning to keep them tidy and hygienic. Fortunately, stainless steel mini kitchens are surprisingly easy to clean. For daily maintenance, students can simply use a microfibre cloth and warm water to clean the surfaces, adding a little washing-up liquid for more difficult stains.

Mini kitchens from Elfin Kitchens aren’t just low maintenance but they’re also incredibly durable. Stainless steel is a very hardwearing metal, which means it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use by students.

Quick and easy installation

Our mini kitchens are pre-built in ‘pod’ form, making installation quick and straightforward. You can expect to be able to install a kitchen in student accommodation within just 30 minutes. Kitchens come with detailed instructions too, helping you fit them with ease. Our team are on hand to provide assistance if required, providing advice and guidance to help you install your new kitchen.

Mini kitchens for student accommodation

At Elfin Kitchens, we’re the first choice for mini kitchens for student accommodation. We’ve been supplying pre-built kitchens for student accommodation for many years, serving educational establishments and landlords nationwide. We offer kitchens in seven different sizes and at various price points, ensuring that we can meet your needs and budget.

We’ll always aim to deliver your kitchen as quickly as possible, going the extra mile to ensure it is installed in time for the new academic year. To find out more about our fantastic range of mini kitchens for student accommodation, get in touch today.