What is a kitchenette unit?

What is a kitchenette unit?

Kitchenette units are becoming increasingly popular, with many people choosing them for small spaces in which a full-size kitchen isn’t practical or possible. They are often installed in rental properties, student accommodation, offices and leisure facilities such as B&Bs. Read on to find out more about kitchenettes and their benefits.

What is a kitchenette and how is it different to a kitchen?

A kitchenette unit is basically a smaller version of a kitchen. Whilst it doesn’t have as many cooking appliances as a kitchen, it will have everything you need to prepare basic meals. A kitchenette will usually feature a sink, microwave, mini-fridge, and hotplates. Some larger kitchenettes will have a two-burner or a four-burner setup. Unlike a full kitchen, a kitchenette doesn’t normally offer much counter space and is unlikely to have an oven. If you can do without these, a kitchenette may be a good choice.

What are the benefits of having a kitchenette?

– Space-saving – Kitchenettes are much smaller than normal kitchens, ensuring that they can fit easily into spaces of all sizes. By opting for a small kitchen, you can open up your property, making it seem much more spacious.

– Less cleaning – Gone are the days of cleaning long stretches of countertops after cooking only to find that you’ve missed a bit. Cleaning up after preparing dinner is an easy task when you have a kitchenette.

– Reduced clutter – Since kitchenettes only allow the essentials, there’s likely to be less clutter and mess. They encourage you to live more simply, with less need to own gadgets and utensils you’ll rarely use.

– Visually appealing – The most modern kitchens are incredibly stylish, ensuring they enhance the look of any space. Often, they’re constructed from stainless steel, giving them a sleek contemporary look that’s ideal for many homes and offices.

Where can I find a kitchenette for my property?

Elfin is one of the leading suppliers of kitchenettes in the UK. We stock a fantastic selection of compact kitchens suitable for spaces of all kinds, from rental properties and student accommodation to offices and factories. Our kitchenettes are designed and constructed to the highest standards from high-quality materials, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. You can expect a kitchenette from Elfin to provide you with many years of use.

How much do kitchenettes cost?

Kitchenettes are usually much more affordable than full-size kitchens, making them a good option if you’re seeking a more cost-efficient solution. At Elfin, our kitchens are very competitively priced, representing superb value for money. We have models to suit a variety of budgets, ranging from the low-cost Entry kitchenette unit to the pricier Premium range.

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Despite their smaller size, kitchenettes can be incredibly useful in many properties. To find out about our fantastic range of kitchenettes, get in touch with our team today. Call us on 01206 545700 or send us a message via our website.