As a compact kitchen design and installation company, we work with a wide range of clients – all bringing different briefs, needs, and specifications to the project table.

A recent project that we worked on with Scope Group featured student accommodation. It involved reimagining student kitchens to encompass all the must-have fittings, brought to life with durable and high-quality finishes and materials. More than that, it tasked us with producing kitchen units that were versatile enough to be used by students with varying degrees of cooking prowess.

Before we get into the details of the project, who are Scope Group?

A construction company based in the Midlands, Scope Group prides itself on high-level delivery across a range of commercial development projects – including but not limited to student accommodation, bars, offices, and more.

The Brief

Scope Group approached Elfin Kitchens seeking a series of compact kitchen units and small kitchen solutions, to add functionality to student accommodation across a range of private and shared flats and apartment spaces. The aim from day one was to maximise the practical use of a very limited footprint and deliver kitchenette units which contained everything required to cook a meal or warm up a ready meal.

The brief included a colour guide to match the aesthetic presentation of the units, and a specific requirement to only use high-quality and durable materials in the creation and finish of each unit – delivering exceptional units to compliment the surrounding space.

Scope Group is committed to quality and chose Elfin Kitchens for our shared values.

What We Did

So, how did we work to meet the brief?

Measuring the available space, we settled on 45x 1700mm Design Line kitchens with oak wood work tops, wall-mounted cupboards, and a glass extractor board for a sleek and easy-to-maintain finish. One of the main points in the brief was to keep the colour palette neutral and simple, so we delivered kitchens to complement this kind of modern set-up, leaning on black, white, and sandy shades.

Finally, all features and fittings were selected and installed in a way to maximise accessibility, optimising the availability of storage while also keeping surfaces clean and clear.

The Outcome

You need only browse these case study images to see the impact of our high-quality, long-lasting kitchen units on the design and finish of each student flat and accommodation option.

The Elfin Kitchen units delivered to Scope Group are the perfect balance of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional and fit neatly into the space. Students have easy access to every fitting and feature without issue and can perform everything from a simple boil of the kettle to full meal prep within the kitchenette.

Scope Group said the following:

“We have had nothing but a Great experience with Elfin. Great Quality & Efficient Product”

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