Essex-based CKB Group has added multiple freestanding, modified Studioline systems from Elfin Kitchens to its portfolio of temporary courtesy kitchens. CKB (Courtesy Kitchens & Bathrooms) Group utilises the robust, pre-built Studioline products in circumstances where temporary kitchen facilities are required, such as during emergency home repairs, insurance claims and renovation work. The compact, steel units have already been used on a number of projects this year, in applications such as terraced houses, apartments, central city areas and office blocks.

CKB Group originally began offering kitchen facilities in insulated mobile units for homeowners during insurance claims, as an alternative to people having to temporarily leave their homes and move into alternative accommodation until their homes were inhabitable again. As the owners of CKB Group were aware of how not having a kitchen affected homeowners, they realised there was an opportunity to make insurance claims less stressful for occupants and insurers alike.

Kate McKenzie, co-owner of CKB Group, explained further: “Insurance companies often move people into alternative accommodation. This puts unnecessary stress on policyholders, especially families, disrupting their homelife and seeing pets having to be placed in kennels. At the same time, the insurance companies have to cover hotel rents and provide a food allowance, all while dealing with claims. We realised there was a great opportunity here, as our temporary kitchen concept eliminates a lot of this unnecessary stress and expense.”

The most common incidents leading to temporary kitchen facilities being required include flood and fire damage, as well as rising damp. When it came to choosing the products best suited for the job, Kate added: “We investigated all the different possibilities available, with an internet search coming up trumps as we discovered Elfin Kitchens’ website. We immediately knew they were the right company and met up the very next day. It was genuinely exciting to meet the team, plus it was a bonus they were local. We visited them in December 2018 and ordered our kitchens the next month.”

Our temporary kitchen concept eliminates a lot of unnecessary stress and expense.

Kate McKenzie, Co-owner of CKB Group

CKB Group currently has multiple modified Studioline units that can be easily assembled and then disassembled after use, ready for the next temporary installation. Studioline is an ingenious system that links wall cupboards, splashbacks and side panels to an Elfin kitchen – resulting in a complete unit that is compact, sleek and simple to install. Its unique construction allows for the top section to be removed, enabling the main pre-built unit to be easily moved around a property, while fitting through standard doorways.

Commenting on choosing the kitchen units, Kate said: “We opted for the Studioline because we wanted kitchens with the side panels and strong outside edges, as they’d need to survive the average hire period of 90 days. Plus, we needed an option that was easy to assemble and dismantle inside a property, as well as robust, easy to transport and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the solidly constructed steel units ticked all the right boxes – we’re really happy with them, and so are our customers; in fact, we need to invest in some more!”

Studioline kitchens can be specified with an oven, induction hob, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and sink, as well as generous storage and work surface space. In order to meet CKB Group’s requirements, the units were modified to incorporate a bespoke oven, hobs, water heater and tap, due to different electrical and water connections being required. Elfin Kitchens also worked closely with CKB Group to adjust the size of the freezer to meet specific space requirements.

The Studioline’s double-sided frame is manufactured from brushed stainless steel with the infill panels powder coated to co-ordinate with the kitchen colour. The splashback, as well as upper and lower pelmets, are also made from brushed stainless steel, while the wall cupboards are constructed from powder coated steel to match the kitchen. A choice of colours is available, including White, Black, Claret and Apple Green gloss powder coatings. There is also the option of a Sand, Bronze or Black matt powder coating, or a brushed stainless steel finish.